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A premium-style bot that’s mostly free.


Welcome to Salus!

A premium-style bot that’s mostly free.

During a time in which every single bot has started locking features behind paywalls we set out to create the BEST anti-premium bot out there.

Using lots of market research stealing ideas from our competitors we’ve made bit one of the BEST free bots out there.

The only things we’ll EVER lock behind a paywall are features in development and advanced bot customizability.

We try to be as community focused as possible, so if you have an idea, suggestion or general complaint, be sure to join our Discord Server.



Spam is a PLAGUE on the Discord community. We aim to eliminate as much spam as we possibly can to help make moderators lives easier.

Using our custom NSDaES technology we can eliminate nitro scams instantly.

Fun Commands

You like to have fun right? And you also want your server members to have fun right?

If your answer to these questions is “YES” then you’d enjoy anything from our owoify command to our impostor SUS command


Moderators should be given the best tools needed for moderation a Discord Server. As such we’ve created some of the BEST moderation tools on the platform.

For example, the bot will automatically add all bans/kicks/whatever to a database that’ll allow you to check up on in the future

Custom Bot PREMIUM

Would you like a custom branded bot? Well we offer that… for a price. This bot will have your own personal branding and will have almost zero mentions of Bit or Lockyz Dev.

This is ONLY available on request. 

Custom Dashboard

Well of course we have a place for changing all your settings, what kinda modern bot would Salus be without one?


There’s always more than what’s shown, you’ll just have to invite the bot to find out what else it does.